CIBIE Headlights Fabricated

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All Parts are from Galant or Legnum chassis EC/EA

CIBIE HID Headlights Hand Made to suit Galant or Legnum

These are the ultimate in rarities for these cars.. 

pricing is only going up for a pair so get in early

Fit Pre Facelift & Facelift Galant or Legnum

These headlights are Fabricated using : Lights Pictured are of our actual Fabrication

Brand new SS Profile Brackets

Freshly Powder Coated in your choice of color

Genuine CIBIE Lighting* housings

Fiberglass Covers

in some instances when we run out of OEM Lighting we will use a substitute lighting

simply enquire prior to purchasing and we can advise of stock at the time 

price is for 1 Pair

Please note age may mean a HID ballast or ignitor fails(wear & tear), if this happens a good quality ballast can be purchased for extra, plastic mountings are common to break on these. we can repair some items tho.


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